About Us

At The Crystaling, we believe that jewelry is more than just an accessory; it is an expression of one's individuality, a symbol of love, and a testament to the precious moments in life.

The Crystaling Story

Drawing inspiration from different cities across the globe, The Crystaling designs custom jewellery pieces that honor the strength of nature and give wearers the power of natural gemstones.

Their in-house gemstone-cutting facility and handcrafting expertise in Hong Kong give The Crystaling a distinct edge, and they proudly supply superior qualitative products to only the finest hotels and private clubs.

Crystaling carefully crafts each piece, making use of a diversified blend of rare gems, natural crystals, pearls and diamonds in sterling silver and karats of gold. The collection boasts modern chicness, with meticulous focus on workmanship and detail.

How we started The Crystaling

The Crystaling represents more than just selling jewelry;
we are very proud of our traditional craftsmanship. Our jewelry pieces are 100% handcrafted,
with natural gemstones hand-cut by our own factory,
which has been running by our family for more than 40 years.

To promote the beauty of handcraft and gemstones to a wider audience,
apart from locating our consignment points at hotels and private clubs,
we held workshops to spread our craftsmanship and fun to everyone around the world, and at different age groups.
We also talk about Love, Family, Fengshui, traditions and history about gemstones.
Because we want our workshop to be therapeutic itself.

All to spread the cheer & promote sustainability & love -
it's a mission I'm deeply devoted to.