Little Secret - Umba Sapphire Watermelon Tourmaline Bracelet

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$2,880.00 HKD
$2,880.00 HKD

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All my favourite gemstones in a bracelet. Shh!!! It's a secret 

  • Pink Umba Sapphire Umba sapphire is an especially rare variety of sapphire found in the Umba River of Tanzania in 1962. This bracelet provides an aesthetically pleasing piece of wearable art that will bring beauty and blessings to its wearer. 💖
  • Watermelon Tourmaline The gemstone helps to restore stability and encourages people to let go of their apprehensions, improving creativity and allowing for self-expression. It is believed to bring love and alleviate difficulties in current love relationships.💖
  • Star Rose Quartz A rare type of Rose Quartz with an asterism, or “star effect.” Star Rose Quartz is believed to be a powerful ally for self-love and peace. 💖
  • Labradorite Dispels negative energy, insecurity and fear, amplifying a sense of calm and enhancing self-confidence. It's an effective stone for treating anxiety. 💖
  • Effortless T Bar clasp ensures the bracelet won't slip off your wrist throughout the day, giving you peace of mind. Accurate wrist measurement is essential for this clasp.
  • Gold Plated on 925 Silver It's a great choice for ensuring quality, durability, and shine. ✨
  • Strung with Japanese Wire of Superior Quality.
  • This piece is graced with a signature Crystaling girl charm.
  • Accompanied with a Crystaling jewellery box, and an optional pouch for storage is available.☺️

Custom orders are possible; you can select from various gemstones, natural power, charms, silver or gold, fastened with either clasps or stretchy bands. ❤️

Your Style Your Size

Create your one-of-a-kind jewelry with us! We customize every piece for the perfect fit, energy, and metal — 925 silver, gold-filled, or solid gold.
Reach out if you have any questions; you can email, send us a message on Instagram, (@the_crystaling).
Carefully crafted from precious metals and genuine gemstones, Crystaling jewellery is designed to last for many years with the right maintenance.
Read about jewellery care here

Warranty & Repair

We provide an one-year warranty on all pieces of jewellery, ensuring that your most beloved items will last for a lifetime.
If possible, we will fix your item and return it to you in pristine condition. If the item cannot be repaired and you are still within the 1-year warranty period, we will provide a replacement or voucher.
Additionally, our lifetime repairs service is available for a small fee, allowing you to continue wearing your jewellery for years to come.


If your gold plated jewelry starts to lose its color over time, don't worry! We'd be happy to re-plate it for you.


Our bracelets & necklaces can be resized for a perfect fit. We can assist you if you have any questions or concerns.
Read about jewellery care here

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